About Us


The ACC was founded at Trinity Western University in 2018 out of a need for community and inclusion within Black students at TWU. Even though we come from many different countries and cultures, we still share many experiences, stories, and struggles that bond and unite us. Our desire is to learn from one another and seek solutions that benefit and further our wellbeing and success in the community at large.

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                 Our Mission

—To foster an environment in which Black students are empowered to contribute to the TWU community and beyond

—To ease the integration of Black students into the TWU community and beyond and to create an environment in which they can express themselves fully.

—To foster an environment that embraces the cultural diversity represented at TWU by sharing our experiences and knowledge of African and Caribbean cultures.

—To foster a safe space for learning and discussing matters that concern the black community.

—To foster a hospitable environment conducive to the academic, spiritual, and relational success and wellbeing of Black students at TWU.

We want to see our members thrive in this community.





VP of Operations


Sefa Tese

VP of Marketing

Angel Bazubagira



Indra Kanyana

VP of Finance